Why Are Oil Paintings More Expensive Than Watercolors?

Being an artist is both the most rewarding and unprofitable at the same time. For centuries, people have argued about the value of art. Some believe art is overly expensive, while others believe artists are underpaid.

Best Wine For Painting (Enhance Your Sip & Paint)

Painting has to be one of the most creative ways to express yourself. With the strokes of a brush, you can unleash all those unique thoughts that would be impossible to express any other way.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Mixed Media Paper?

Painting allows you to dive into your deepest imagination and bring it to life. Whether you’re a professional painter or not, painting becomes so much easier when you have the right medium of paint and paper.

Can Gouache Paint Be Used On Glass? (The Ultimate Guide)

Painting on glass is super fun and satisfying at the same time. With your creativity, you can turn any ordinary glassware into art. Glass paint is designed specifically for this purpose. However, if you don’t have any glass paint and only have gouache paint, can gouache paint be used on glass?

What Is The Best Paint For Styrofoam? (Reviewed)

Perhaps you created a new craft project using Styrofoam, but it feels incomplete.

How To Paint Over Wallpaper? Complete Guide

As a beginner at this, you need to understand the basics of painting over wallpapers. Also, it would be best to have a clear idea about the steps of doing it, the upsides and downsides of painting over wallpapers, and the importance of using primers.

How To Paint A Galaxy: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this article, I shall discuss the best colors you can use for such artworks, the dos and don’ts of galaxy art, and what alternative equipment you can use for your artwork.

Famous Artists Names You Should Know About

Every person has an artistic side to them. You’re probably intrigued by how certain artists were able to rise to the top. Artists and their creations have evolved over time.

10 Types Of Painting And Their Origin

Painting has been a form of expressing emotions and ideas for ages. It is a visual language. But instead of words, artists paint lines, shapes, forms, and textures with colors to express their emotions.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric? – Explained

Acrylic paint is a versatile painting medium. You can paint almost anything with acrylic paint. Be it wood, metal, glass, ceramic, or other materials.

What Types Of Paint Brushes Are Available?

The knowledge of using all types of paintbrushes enables you to create magical artworks. Hence, needless to say, an artist’s most beloved tool is the paintbrush.

How To Start A Painting Business? (Full Guide)

It requires a lot of hard work to start a painting business alone, especially if you’re new to the business. But you need not worry. This article will cover all the things you need to know about starting a painting business, whether it is a good idea or not, and if the business is profitable.

What Is Diamond Painting? Let’s Find Out!

This new form of art has become quite popular among amateurs and professionals as well. This is because it does not require any special skills of any sort to make diamond artwork.

Painting For Beginners: How To Get Started?

If you have recently taken an interest in painting, you must realize how frustrating it is to start. Where do you even begin? There are a lot of colors, brushes, mediums, and techniques to learn! It’s only natural for beginners to be confused when taking up such a hobby.

Painting Ideas For Beginners: Here’s What To Paint

Every beginner artist out there struggles to find what to paint. Even if you were a maestro with the brush, it would be near useless without any idea to work it on. This begs newbies to wonder what are some good painting ideas for beginners.