Should I Wet My Brush Before Oil Painting? – Explained

Creative things such as painting or sketching should not be restricted by rules or instructions. You are to follow your sense of aesthetics in order to paint or draw whatever you like in your preferred style and colors. Yet, there are certain things you should know so that you do not waste time or your…

Why Are Oil Paintings More Expensive Than Watercolors?

Being an artist is both the most rewarding and unprofitable at the same time. For centuries, people have argued about the value of art. Some believe art is overly expensive, while others believe artists are underpaid.

10 Types Of Painting And Their Origin

Painting has been a form of expressing emotions and ideas for ages. It is a visual language. But instead of words, artists paint lines, shapes, forms, and textures with colors to express their emotions.

How to Frame an Oil Painting on Canvas Board? Complete Guide

Firstly, choose the right frame. Unpack and gently put it down on a flat surface to avoid scratches. Place the canvas board (your oil painting) on the interior of the frame. Align it properly. Place a thin paper behind the canvas. Put the back cardboard on the paper and seal it with points. Install your hanging mount on the frame using a cordless drill and screws.

Can You Use Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Primer?

Many homeowners find it difficult to choose the right kind of paint for their homes and appliances. Especially those who are new homeowners or renovating for the first time.

Acrylic VS Oil Paint: Which Is Best For Painting?

The world is full of colors. Artists love to create their own world on canvas through their imagination with the help of these colors. With so many colors to choose from, people might get confused easily.