About Artistic Bees

Artistic Bees was created t show you how you can colour your surroundings in a simple way! We hope to answer your questions about various painting techniques and will help you to enjoy the painting process fully.

In this website we will share our experience in painting and will show the process step by step. Once you will learn the basics you can use your creativity and have a lot of fun with your artworks.

In our articles you will see the pattern between every technique and that once you know the basics, you can choose any material to paint on, it will work out.

We are curious how did it work out for you! Please share your experience and write a feedback for us at artisticbees1[eta]gmail.com. Also if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask! There is no dumb questions!

Our team


An artist. Super curious at trying new techniques in painting. The best in realism paintings with oil or acrylic paints, but she never says no to other typer of painting, especially when we talk about house decor or a nice gift for a friend. Rasa is currently working as a painter and enjoys that a lot. She is also organising painting parties that are super fun!

Rasa is super excited to share her tips and tricks that she is using in her everyday routine!


Not an artist. Darius is taking care that website would work well and you could learn easily. A charismatic person full of ideas and interested in technical work. Darius loves art and enjoys it a lot, but he has no clue how is it made. He is very good at planing and managing ideas.

And it makes our plan work!