Choosing The Best Front Door Color For Red Brick House

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It’s difficult to decide on a color for the front door of a red brick house. A brick house makes a powerful statement. It brings back memories of history and social class for us. As a result, no matter what color front door you use, the messages and meanings people tend to associate with it will be elevated.

Generally, dark blue and green colors go well with red-brick houses. But a black or red front door might look so good that one can not imagine any better. The answer isn’t a straight one. It would depend on the property’s type, the owner’s intentions, and some other factors.

The front door of your home carries a lot of spiritual and social significance. Meanwhile, it also determines how well you will be able to sell your house. Dive right into the article below to know more about front door colors for red brick house!

Why Does Color Matter?

Choose a front door color for a red brick house very carefully. Because the front door’s color will give people an idea about the owner of the house.

A red brick house itself reminds people of forts and kings. So, the front door of your palace should be in accordance with that.

Colors are not just something we see. They have a life of their own. People unknowingly associate certain meanings to different colors. People or potential buyers notice the front door as one of the first things when they pass by your house. And that makes a lasting impression on their mind.

When you are looking for the best front door color for your red brick house, you might want to consider the following.


Probably no other color catches the human eye like red. That is why stops and danger signs are red. People tend to associate red with intensity. It is a very bold color. Red symbolizes power and dominance.

If your brick house has the architectural style of the first world war era (early twentieth century), red will do very well as a front door color. It will give a classy and traditional look to your property.


Orange is the color of joy. To some people, this is the warmest color. Orange makes people feel welcome. It speaks of friendliness, openness. Looking at an orange front door will immediately lift a person’s spirit.

If your red-brick house has a more modern kind of architecture and is located in a similar neighborhood, an orange front door might fit just perfectly. It would bring you more friends.


Yellow is energizing. Anything yellow is full of youthful fire. A yellow front door says that this house celebrates youthfulness. It speaks of success and confidence. Choosing a yellow front door requires a young and open mind.

When you plan on renting your house to college students or people who love to party, choosing a yellow front door color for a red brick house might work out very well for you.


Everything tranquil and pacific takes on the color blue. As a result, people have long associated blue with peacefulness. Blue speaks of maturity and calmness.

A blue front door might suit your red brick house very nicely. The redness of the bricks and the blue door will create a classic color combination.


Green means trees and freshness. Green is the color of health. It is one of the most comforting colors to the human eye. A green front door speaks of prosperity.

If you take traditional color combinations very seriously, then green is the perfect front door color for your red brick house.


Brown reminds people of the earth and wood. We are forever used to seeing that doors are brown. It shows normalcy and simplicity. Brown says that this house believes in plain living. People will think of the owner as a reliable, mature person.

If you just want to blend in with everyone and everything else around you, don’t believe in sticking out, then choose a brown door color for your brick house. It will serve your purpose.


We started this list with the color that catches the attention most. It ends with a color that is the complete opposite. A grey front door will help you not to draw unwanted attention to your home. The color speaks of a state that is free from excitement and immaturity.

If you are living as a recluse and prefer fewer people, choose a grey front door color for your red brick house. It will send the right message without making you appear like an unfriendly haggard.

Should You Choose A Black Front Door For Your Red Brick House?

The earlier discussion showed the effects that different colored front doors have on people. But what about black? The absence of color? Black absorbs all emotions. Black cannot make you happy or giddy. That’s why it’s associated with seriousness.

If color options confuse you, then just choose a black front door color for a red brick house and get done with it.

Sign Of Authority And Seriousness

Black has long been associated with authoritative power. Think about the English Prime-minister’s residence. The ivory black door at 10 Downing Street makes a strong statement to the whole world. You will notice the same thing with many such residences.

Fight Bad Energy

According to Chinese thoughts on the laws of energy flow, a black front door means a shield for your home. It protects the family from all kinds of evil energy that might come their way.

This rule stands for doors that face the north. However, when the door faces south or west, a black door is not a good idea.

Class And Grandness

You can choose a black front door color for a red brick house when your house has an early twentieth-century type of architecture. Moreover, if you want to express authoritativeness, black is the best front door for your home.

Pick A Front Door Color That Suits Your Architecture

Most people think about color combinations when choosing the front door color for a brick house. But the combination with the style of the building is equally, if not more, important. In other words, you have to match your front door color with your brick house’s architecture to get the optimum effect.

Properties come in many forms. Some were built during the English rule. And some brick houses were created yesterday. Not every architecture fits the same door color. Moreover, the red color of the bricks is not the same everywhere.

Properties From The Early Twentieth Century

The brick houses built around the Victorian era are more than a hundred years old today. Those houses are royal.

Their style is ornamental compared to modern homes.They look old, mature, serious. So, usually juvenile, brightly colored doors are a no for them.

Historical value

Some of these properties carry significant historical and architectural value. So much so that the laws protect it from any drastic changes.

This means, if such a property comes under your ownership, you have to follow government rules to choose your front door color.

Traditional Colors

The history and age of these houses demand respect. So, when you choose the front door of a house with class, choose a classic color. Grayish green, darker shades of blue, Cold Grey goes well with these properties.

But if it feels like too much trouble, just settle on a decent Ivory Black or deep Vermillion Red.


When your home is part of a red-brick row of houses, you might feel pressured to establish your individuality. So, use eye-catching and lively colors for your front door.

Colors that leave a memory of joyfulness in the mind are most preferable.

Stand Out

In a line of similar-looking houses, you want to be more than a number. Having a colorful, vibrant front door distinguishes you positively from the neighborhood. This will also help you when you are selling the home.

Use Bright Colors

Use colors like lemon yellow, bright bluish-green, or grass green colors for your front door. Bright colors can serve your purpose nicely. As a result, your home will give out a friendly vibe to everyone.

Country Houses

When your brick house is in the countryside, natural light colors work best for your front door. The community in the countryside is usually more conservative-minded.

Flashy strong colors might offend some people. Moreover, intense colors will not match the natural surroundings.

Match The Peacefulness

Country houses are a retreat. It’s an escape from the maddening crowds. The nature and peacefulness of the country soothe the mind. When you choose a front door color for a red brick house in the country, choose a similar soothing color.

Low-intensity colors

Instead of artificial commercial colors, use natural colors for your country house. In some cases, the natural finished look of the woodwork might be enough. Just apply some varnish. If you do have to choose a color, pick something with low intensity and high lightness.

Sea-side Homes

Sea-side properties are quite similar to country houses. They are also nested in nature and peacefulness. The only difference is in the landscape. When you choose front door colors for your sea-side brick house, try to match the abundant blueness around you.

The Blue-green Landscape

The sea-side landscape is mainly dominated by blue and bluish green. Most sea-side properties serve the purposes of vacation and rehabilitation. So, choose mild colors that do not feel too strong on the eyes.

Shades of Blue

The best front door colors for sea-side properties will be shades of blue. Mainly greenish-blue, cobalt blue and Prussian blue are some good choices. Any other color might make your brick home stick out unpleasantly in the seaside landscape.

Modern Houses

Modern red brick houses with the latest architecture are open to a lot of front door color options. Usually, city homes have modern architecture. Use bold and strong colors to make a statement.

Strong And stylish

When you choose a front door color in the city, take your profession and social status into account. Don’t choose any juvenile colors that might hurt the modern architecture or make your house look funny.

Soft But Bold Colors

Black or dark gray is the safest choice for a front door color of a modern red brick house. They match the atmosphere of the city. Your house would not stick out in some odd way. Moreover, you can avoid the hassle of choosing between colors.

In short, your property type and its location determine which color goes best with the front door. Considering those two factors can make the rest of your work easy.

Best Front Door Color For Different Shades Of Red Brick House

When you choose a front door color for a red brick house, the shades of the red brick are important. Red bricks mainly come in two shades. Dark and light. To get the best effect, you will want to match your front door color with the shades.

Dark Red Brick House

The older properties tend to have darker bricks. Bricks are made by burning clay. So, the burnt red color is more common. In addition, humidity and algae growth can also darken the tone. To complement that, you also need to use a dark color.

In color theory, any color is best complemented by its opposite color on the color wheel. Taking that into account, dark blue is the best front door color for dark red brick homes. It matches the burnt-red hue of the bricks more perfectly than any other color.

You can also choose grayish-blue or simple gray. Colors of low intensity and high lightness go well with dark red bricks. Using extreme and flashing bright colors or white is not a good idea with these bricks.

Light Red Brick House

As the production methods changed, modern bricks took on a lighter tone. Pale red brick houses need a front door to strike out against all the blandness. Strong, serious colors and bright, vibrant colors can both work well if you use them correctly.

For contrast effects, use a navy blue or grass green color for your front door. Using colors with low intensity and extreme lightness is not a good idea here. Because a front door needs to mark the entrance. A pale front door of a pale building will have a hard time catching people’s attention.

A light, vibrant yellow color can be another good match for a light-red brick house. You can also get a white front door if you want one. Just make sure it is a bright eye-catching white.

How The Front Door Color Impacts The Sale Of Your Brick House

The front door color of a red brick house influences its sale. Because the front door makes the first impression on the potential buyer’s mind. Hopefully, the role of location, architecture, and time in determining the front door color should be clear from previous discussions. When you are looking to sell, paint your front door accordingly.

Stick To Normalcy

When your main purpose is to sell your brick house, don’t experiment with the front door color. Using traditional and simple colors is the best.

A brick house with a weirdly colored front door is most likely to turn off the customer. They might think the owner of the building is a whimsical person and dealing with him is risky.

Repaint Or Varnish

Repainting your front door can help to sell your brick house. Especially if you haven’t done any work on the door for a while. The environment can damage the door over years. Repair any cracks or scratches with epoxy.

If the paint has faded, paint again. Apply varnish to bring back the glow. This little investment will go a long way.

Consider Different Viewpoints

You are selling your house. Which means it doesn’t have to match your needs anymore. You might have used a door color that satisfied your quirk.

But now, when you are selling, the house has to match the buyers’ taste. And the safest way to do it is to go with something that eighty percent of people find comfortable.

Avoid Trendy Colors

You might think trendy, flashy colors will help you sell your house easily. But that is far from the truth. The trendy absurd colors like purple, pink, or lime are only popular with young people.

And usually, young people are less likely to buy a house. Most of the potential buyers are mature, older people. The colors need to be alike.

Make A Good First Impression

A good first impression will make all the difference when a buyer is choosing between two similar houses. The front is vital here.

A bold, mature-looking front door will tip the scales in your favor. And as you already know, the color of your front door will tell a lot to the customer about the owner himself.

Go With Classic Colors

Finally, it all comes down to this: using a classic front door color for a red brick house when you are looking to sell it. This is your safest option. Go for traditional black, red, blue doors. Natural wood is another good option. Make sure your door looks clean and fresh. Avoid absurd colors at all costs.

When you are selling your brick house, be rational. Be smart with your color choice. Sometimes simple things are the hardest to grasp. And this can make all the difference.


This elaborate and detailed discussion has made one thing clear, hopefully. Numerous factors go into determining what color front door to use on a red brick home.

I hope this article on the best front door colors for red brick house was able to help you out! Thanks for reading through the article.