7 Best Diamond Painting Kits to Buy

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If you’ve just entered the world of diamond painting, then you better be geared up with the right kit. Now, the market is so saturated with diamond painting kits, that it can be overwhelming to pick just one. But, don’t worry, I’m here to help you with that.

The Mobicus 5D Diamond kit easily takes the throne for being the best option in the market right now. They come with high-quality canvas, glues, tapes, and accessories. And once you finish, you’ll be left with a magnificent piece with a sort of shine to it that makes it look a bit more exquisite which I really love.

Nevertheless, many may still argue that they would love to know more about Diamond kits and how to choose the right ones before committing to a certain kit. This is why I’ve curated a list of the best 7 Diamond Painting kits I know that are available in the market. I would also advise you to stick through the entire article to gulp as much information as you can.

7 Best Diamond Painting Kits to Buy

Well, I have covered the basic knowledge regarding why Diamond painting kits can be a worthy investment, now I leave the rest up to you to decide which kit suits your criteria well. I will be listing down my top picks amongst the best Diamond painting kits available in the market.

1. Mobicus 5D DIY Diamond Painting

If you’re searching for a whole different soothing pastime without sacrificing your interest, the Mobicus 5D DIY Diamond Painting kit is a must-have. It’s one of the finest alternatives to Runfar’s 5D kit because it includes everything you’ll need to get started and more.

This kit comes with everything and has its unique take on the provided accessories. By unique take, I mean that this kit is made to look simple, shimmering, and inclusive, attracting any beginners to start right away after getting the kit. Thus, once they start, they’ll never stop. The only thing that people will focus on is the finished beautiful outcome.

This kit also makes it easier for you to figure out what you should do because the inscription on the canvas side guides you in each design. Nonetheless, the designs they use in their packs stand out, and the pictures are densely filled with symbolism. Consequently, they also provide a unique adhesive that makes it simple to adhere the diamonds to the canvas.



Material: CANVAS

Size: 12×20 Inches


Special Adhesive: The tool kit comes with special glue which easily and accurately sticks diamonds onto the canvas to provide easier painting and more profound results.

Easy to use and quite addictive: As there will be an additional guide to help you through designs, you will have no trouble figuring your way around. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely be conjured upon a diamond painting addiction with this kit.

Shiny outlook on results: The designs always have this shimmering glow radiating from them once you finish. The satisfaction you get after finishing a design you spent hours on surely feels rewarding.


  • Necessary accessories inclusive package
  • Shimmering glow after each design is finished
  • Easy guide to help you through
  • Effective adhesive provided


  • Designs can be quite dull and not clear compared to other kits
  • Designs are a bit smaller in size

2. Bemaystar DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit by Number kit

Bemaystar may be meant for adults, but confident children may also pick this kit to take things to the next level. The Bemaystar package contains multicolored diamond jewels, a sticky diamond pen, diamonds, and mud.

One unique aspect of this Diamond Painting kit is that they are acrylic, a little different than our canvas buddies up ahead. Nevertheless, if anyone had prior art-related experience with acrylic materials then they should vouch for this one immediately. Acrylic is just as fun as a canvas for those whose preference lies on them.


Brand: Bemaystar

Material: Acrylic

Size: 12×16 inches


Good Customer service: This is why brand matters a lot, the product you may get must always be manufactured and run by a group of determined people. Furthermore, Bemaystar vows to provide a 24 hours customer service for their users if they have any trouble with their diamond painting kits.

A different taste: Although there’s not much of a big difference in terms of stress-relief factor, acrylic material does its job quite well and makes sure you’re freed from your anxiety whenever you indulge in diamond painting through this kit.

Stylish collections: Most designs from Bemaystar are aesthetic and fit most interior home décor. Moreover, you can also gift these pretty-looking diamond kits to your friends or family and always expect a positive response!


  • Active customer service
  • Aesthetic looking
  • Everyone can use it


  • Sometimes parts may be missing
  • Only single collections are available

3. TOPWOOZU 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits for Adults

TOPWOOzu might be described as one of the greatest kits for diamond art utilizing a nicely balanced and flexible tool kit adhering to all your needs. This brand is focused on demanding users who seek it all. The kit includes the essential tools alongside others making it stand out from the other kits.

The oil canvas has high printed textures, to begin with. Furthermore, it is also made out of environment-friendly materials, is difficult to fold, and never fades. Your designs will therefore remain bright for a long time. Moreover, this kit includes an HD oil paint canvas, a diamond sticky pen, a cuboid diamond tray, and a variety of colorful beads.

These painting kits provide you with DIY tools which are yours in the process of painting. Without the painting frame, each diamond tool (which you need to complete the job) is included with the package. To hang the paint on your house wall, however, further purchases for the frame of the painting are mandatory


Brand: Topwoozu

Material: Canvas

Size: 12×12 Inches


High-definition oil canvas: All your artwork will look like it was straight up taken out from a museum due to the top-tier quality of the canvas. Being able to hang your works of art in your own home in HD surely sounds like a dream come true.

Eco-friendly material: Who doesn’t feel good knowing what they’re doing helps them maintain stress while also utilizing tools that are not harming the environment. The material rarely lets itself fade away or wrinkle, so you can expect them to hang onto the walls of the home for years to come.

Variety of beads: Who doesn’t like 17 sections of diamond beads available to avail their beautiful works of art? These beads rarely fade and stay shiny and elegant throughout the entirety of their lifespan.


  • 17 sections of colorful diamond beads
  • HD and eco-friendly canvas material
  • Fully inclusive Diamond painting kit
  • Comes with a sticky diamond pen


  • Sometimes may not have all the tools properly packaged
  • Canvas size is smaller than expected

4. Full Drill 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits for Kids by Cupmod

If you’re seeking the most incredible 5D diamond paintings that can be utilized in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and houses, then this is the product for you. Apart from being utilized for house decoration, it may also be used to showcase the efforts of your kids and give them a huge morale boost.

They have a great and lovely finish that is glossy and appears more attractive. In comparison to other forms of diamond art painting, the quality of this art painting is nothing short of astounding. If you’re wary of fading artwork, give this a go; because they are to never fade just like the love you have for your kids.

No question having these may help you and your entire family to have a pleasurable family time. Furthermore, it encourages your children’s creativity and self-assurance. Even parents can hop in with their children to free some stress after their chores and work.


Brand: Cupmod

Material: Canvas

Size: 6×6 Inches


Set of collections: Cupmod provides a set of diamond sets together in their kits. Although the size of these sets is comparatively smaller, they are fun-sized and compact allowing room for innovation and a good time

Ease of use, perfect for beginners: This kit is perfect for kids who are just starting with diamond painting. It comes with a canvas, a little imitation jewel, diamond trays, and other art supplies. If you want your kids to get a head start on a great stress-relieving journey early on from life then this is what they should start with.

Helps with reducing stress and anxiety: You may believe that a simple painting kit may have no substantial impact on your mental health. However, you will be amazed at how diamond art paintings may aid both children and adults to calm their minds, erase tension, manage emotions, and stay patient. A package worth settling for!


  • Multiple sets of designs
  • Barely fades with time
  • The diamonds stick for a long time and don’t fall off easily
  • Good for kids and parents


  • Sets are smaller than the standard size
  • Sometimes frames may be missing
  • DIY sets can take a little time and effort to get done

5. SENTAI 75 Pcs 5D Diamonds Painting Tools

Sometimes most of us may have trouble trying to stick the diamond beads properly onto our designs. Furthermore, this task is made a million times easier with a painting roller, but not every diamond painting kit comes with one.

Except for SENHAI’S super exclusive 75 pieces 5D Diamond Painting tool kit! This one comes with a painting roller to help you glue diamond painting beads to the canvas more securely. On the other hand, when it comes to the pricing, it is quite cheap as well.

There are many other important tools to accompany your diamond painting journey with this kit as well. Moreover, I decided to add this tool because of how it allows you to be creative and choose your designation to work in. Furthermore, the kit arrives fast and includes everything you need to get started with diamond painting rapidly.


Brand: Senhai

Size: 9.33 x 7.05 x 2.95 inches


Properly packaged: a 28-grid system container with clear labels helps you arrange each tool in order without being confused. It also makes it easier for you to not lose fragile and small items like diamonds, beads, jewelry, etc.

Diamond painting roller: The roller is such a helpful additional tool to stick the beads firmly onto the surface of your design template.

Comes with efficient tools: The tools and storage containers are efficient to make your diamond painting less time-consuming and confusing. The tools are properly arranged and have additional tools like clippers, tapes, and trays to help you in the way.


  • Provides a useful storage box that can be utilized later
  • Helps you come up with creative and elegant designs
  • Allows you to be creative and take things a step further
  • Reasonable pricing for a high piece set tool kit


  • The diamond painting roller may go out of commission if used too frequently
  • It May feel overwhelming for some people to use due to the high number of sets provided

6. Kalolary 56PCS Diamond Painting Tools

Are you seeking easy-to-use decorating adhesive goods or diamond painting kits specially curated for your cell phones?

This set includes a total of 56 pieces of tools to guide your creativity along its way! These tools include 20 sticks of glue, a diamond spoon, two long tweezers, and about 20 translucent ziplock bags. All these should do enough to help you get started on your innovative journey to designing your cell phone covers.

You may accomplish several things with this fantastic diamond painting kit, including DIY diamond painting and home and workplace décor. If you believe it is time to relieve some tension or if you are simply inquisitive about exploring your creativity, now is the time to get this kit for yourself.


Brand: Kalolary

Material: N/A

Size: 9.84 x 6.1 x 1.34 inches (Packaging)


Unique experience: Most kits on the list have their own provided designs or sets provided, however, with Kalolary’s diamond kits you will be only given the tools to begin your work with. Let your mind flow freely and decide how you want to take things forward once you get this kit.

A total package of all the necessary tools: You have everything you need and more alongside your creativity to get started with ease.

Helps induce creativity: This is a full DIY tool kit for diamond painting; hence, you will be left on your own to decide how you would take things. You can either make designs on your phone cover, canvas, and more.


  • Inspires you to be creative
  • Great way to reduce stress and keep yourself busy
  • Wide variety of applications possible
  • Quite simple and easy to learn


  • Too dependent on your creativity
  • The kit can be quite flimsy for beginners
  • Tweezers require you to apply extra pressure

7. Runfar 5D Diamond Painting Kits

If you’re in to get a kit that is a complete package then this 5D diamond painting is just what you’ve been looking for. It includes everything you’ll need and more, including top-tier canvas, individually packaged diamonds, washi tapes, labels, and a double-sided diamond pen.

When you’ll compare Runfar with other brands, you’ll notice that their kits are composed of high-quality oilcloth, making their canvas the most durable ones available in the market.

Not only will it be waterproof but also damp-proof, and wrinkle-proof, thus it is unlikely to fade in the presence of water. If quality is what you’re seeking alongside a comfortable and easy-to-grab hands-on diamond painting experience, then Runfar’s 5D kit is your choice hands down.


Brand: Runfar

Material: High-grade canvas

Size: 16×20 inches


Top-notch quality canvas: Quality assurance is obviously a tick mark for many brands, and Runfar surely follows through. Additionally, the cloth they use is premium and is not prone to wrinkling nor being damaged by water.

Complete package: Has all the necessary tools you’ll need to get started, these include diamonds, painting mud, double-sided diamond pen, premium tweezers, set labels, roll washi tapes, and strong glue.

Great starter kit for stress relief: Since you will be provided with all the necessary tools and high-quality accessories to get you started, you can expect to start right off the bat and eliminate all the stress out of you once you start.


  • Water and wrinkle-proof canvas
  • Serves as excellent interior home décor
  • Good kit to start your stress relief journey
  • Aesthetic packaging


  • The gaps within the tiles may be too big for some people

How to Choose the Best Diamond Painting Kit?

To get your hands on the best diamond painting kits available on the market, I suggest you prioritize licenses, warranty, picture quality, canvas quality, and the tools that come with it.

Now, I know I’ve narrowed down your choice to just seven. But it still can be confusing for you to choose the absolute perfect one for yourself. Or maybe you want to make a pick by yourself and not depend on my judgment. However, you still could use some guidance regarding how you could choose the best option for yourself by keeping your eyes pinned on the mentioned factors.

Focus on all the traits, qualities, and verifications that I will be listed here to allow you to choose a much more profound tool kit that will guide you in your Diamond painting experience further ahead. Thus, without further ado, let’s jump straight into choosing the best diamond painting kit suited for your individual preference.

Good Looking Pictures

Remember, Diamond painting kits are calming and fun as long as you get to paint something you liked before confirming the purchase. This is especially important when you are ordering online. Make sure the kits have a canvas of beautiful calming pictures that you like.

Sometimes retailers randomly choose what they may like and that might not align with your criteria. This may make your diamond painting experience a little off-the-track as choosing the right pictures is just as important to the whole calming experience.

Usually aim for vendors who show the full diamond painted set to judge the overall quality of the kit before actually making the purchase. Also, try to find some reviews on the retailers to ensure they deliver exactly the ones they display.

So, before you put your trust on some random retailer, do some much-needed research. When you find out that the picture you painted is completely different from the one that one displayed, it can be very upsetting and unsatisfying.

Choose a Good Brand

Most reviews across the web are filled with customers enraged at brands for providing low-quality tools or none at all. It is quite common to be enraged or have your diamond painting calming sessions ruined over inept accessories.

Thus, the best way to counter experiences like this is to choose reputable brands that have tons of good reviews and always provide all the necessary tools in mint condition. This is more crucial for solo diamond painting tool sets as they are extremely reliant on the quality of the tools. Conversely, quality assurance is always a major game-changer when it comes to art tools.

Choosing the right type

This is quite crucial although people usually settle for general tools or 5D sets. Thus, it shouldn’t hurt to know a bit more about what types of kits exist on the market. Here are the names of the most common types.

General tool sets: These Diamond painting kits come with all the necessary tools to get you started. People who are keen on letting their creative juices call the shots for them usually adhere to this type. Depending on what kind of artwork the user wants to do, phone covers, pictures, canvas, acrylic all of these surfaces can be painted upon.

3D and 5D sets: Both of these are pretty much the same. They are the most common types of kits to come across as they can be used on customized canvas surfaces meant for diamond painting. These are the most famous ones as you can choose to paint any design or picture you like.

The thing that sets them apart from one another is that 5Ds have a shinier outlook in the final picture due to having more facets on the diamonds.

Multi-panel kits: They are exactly what their name suggests, there’s more than just one panel for creative artists to test out their artistry! For those looking for freedom in their work, the sufficient space provided by up to five panels is surely a bonus.

LED kits: By utilizing batteries and electricity, all your paintings can come to life with this tool kit. There are LED-infested spaces behind the canvas of the picture sets which allow the diamond set to light up once it’s covered in diamonds.

Proper licensing and warranties: Make sure the tool canvas pictures provided by some sets have been licensed by their original artists. It’s always better to support fellow artists who have worked hard enough to provide you a calming experience, so only rely on vendors with proper licensing evidence.

Subsequently, warranties are important, especially lifetime ones as they will not only assure the quality but provide insurance. If your tools come faulty or if the diamonds don’t stick to pictures and it loses their shine you can always get it replaced from its brand! Nevertheless, refunds can also be availed if the quality of the canvas degrades or faulty tools are provided on arrival.

Quality and pricing

Quality and pricing go hand-in-hand. If you want to ensure good quality, the price must be a bit higher as well. Don’t always go for a cheaper one as it just may mean you might end up ruining your painting experience by missing tools or bad canvas quality.

Usually, the more expensive ones come with a high-quality canvas that can survive through any predicaments. Consequently, lasting longer. The canvas also determines how beautiful the picture may come out. Hence, if you want a fulfilling result, always go for high-grade canvas diamond painting kits from reputable brands.

I know it can seem a bit expensive. But, even if you buy a cheap one for a few dollars less, that whole money might be wasted just because of the poor quality of the painting.


Well, that covers everything about the best diamond painting kits. Additionally, always make sure to double-check the necessary factors such as quality, price, and warranty limits to avail the best Diamond kit for yourself. I hope you learned a great deal through this article and end up having a good time with the diamond painting kit you decide to choose.

I wish you all the best ahead and hope to see you all have a remarkable experience ahead with diamond painting! Take care and thanks for reading this article.